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The only gym membership you need

One Membership, Multiple Benefits

With our all-in-one gym membership, we provide access to world-class equipment including a Body Composition Analyser, a 50-Station Facility by Life Fitness & Hammer Strength, and a huge lawn area for outdoor functional training to help you reach new heights in your fitness journey. The membership will also give you access to our exclusive group classes.

Our Amenities

Experience the ultimate fitness luxury with our top class amenities

Get ready to work up a sweat and relax in style with our top-notch amenities. With our luxurious offerings, you'll feel like fitness royalty. So, come workout with us and experience the ultimate fitness luxury!

Our Plush Lawn

Add a twist to your routine by working out in our well-maintained lawn. The fresh air and sunshine will you an extra boost to your experience.

Steam rooms

Need to unwind after your workout? Head to our steam room and 'steam-ulate' your senses! Our steam rooms are designed to help you unwind, detox, and 'sweat it out'.

Ample Parking

Safe, secure, and away from the sun in a clean basement, we have place for everyone. Don't worry about finding a parking spot at Fitmap. Here, everyone gets a spot.

World-class equipment

Our state-of-the-art equipment will have you 'pumping' iron in no time

Dedicated Housekeeping Staff

Leave the cleaning to our housekeeping superheroes at the Fitmap gym, where cleanliness meets fitness!

Separate washrooms, changing areas and lockers for men and women

Experience the ultimate clean and secure workout with Fitmap gym's dedicated washrooms, lockers, towel and Iron facility - your fitness safe haven!

Highly qualified and seasoned trainers

Train with the best to be the best

Our qualified trainers are here for you, whether you're a newbie or need extra guidance. We offer top strength and conditioning trainers who are passionate about helping clients achieve their goals. Our trainers are certified by reputable organisations such as PN-1, FSSA CPT, K11, and ACE, and have over 3 years of experience.

Exciting Group Classes

Where community, strength, and zen come together!

For those who don't want to commit full time with the gym membership and just want to be a part of a fitness community, be a part of our exciting group class sessions. You get to attend exciting, well-rounded and structured classes conducted by highly skilled master trainers, “Lose weight while having fun and getting stronger”

So, prepare to sweat, stretch, and strengthen in our group classes which includes..



Along with the physical yoga classes, we include a meditative aspect, using mindfulness and breathing techniques as part of the holistic routine, to ease stress and instil calmness and stillness.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

Our S&C classes will make you stronger, more flexible and functional in your daily life.



A fun way to get a workout in, our group Zumba classes ensure that people of any age group have fun!



For those days when you want to vent, our Kickboxing classes promise to pack a punch!

We are loved by everyone

Our founder is one of the most successful celebrity trainer in the country. Well known personalities training at the gym is a common occurrence.

Mahesh Babu Testimonial
My trainer Satish Paryada has been a great motivation for me. Thank you for driving me to stay fit & healthy.

Mahesh Babu


Fitmap Gym plays an important role in my Strength & Conditioning


International Cricketer

Junior NTR Testimonial
Satish Paryada is truly a great man and an exceptional trainer.



Started my transformation for "Pushpa" at Fitmap. The support system is great and I personally trained with Satish Paryada in the deep forests during movie shoots.

Allu Arjun


Gained 8 kgs of lean muscle in such a short span. The passion of everyone at Fitmap is sure to take them places!



Adivi Sesh Testimonial
The best fitness centre in the city. Satish Paryada and the training team in Fitmap have given me the best guidance and support.

Sesh Adivi


Saina Mirza Testimonial
The support system here at Fitmap is great. I am happy to be a part of Fitmap

Sania Mirza

International Tennis Player

Jwala Gutta Testimonial
Fitness is a top priority for a sportsman. Satish Paryada and team Fitmap have given me the best support system.

Jwala Gutta

International Badminton Player

Azaruddhin Testimonial
Satish Paryada is an exceptional trainer and humble person. I am glad to have him as my trainer.


Former Indian Cricket Captain

When I'm visiting home in Hyderabad, this is the place to be! Love the environment, the trainers, love the mood of this gym so it motivates me to come here every single day even though I'm travelling!



Fitmap enables you to do a variety of workouts - Olympic weightlifting, snatches, clean and jerks, rowing and skiing too!



Fitmap was incredible - the facilities are amazing and the equipment is world-class!



Fitmap has the best equipment in the world, an outdoor section, and they’ve got plenty of cleaners on hand who are wiping down their equipment before you even finish using it!




What is the pricing structure?

We offer customised packages depending on your requirements. Give us a call so we can discuss your requirements.

What are Fitmap’s timings, especially on weekends?

We are open from 5 AM-10 PM (Mon-Sat) and 8 AM - 2 PM (Sunday)

What do you offer in Personal Training?

We offer customised guidance for fitness (cardio and functional strength training). Your Personal Trainer can help you decide the frequency and timing of your sessions

Can you tell me more about the trainers?

All our trainers are highly experienced and certified by external organizations like  PN-1, FSSA CPT, K11, and ACE. Our trainers are passionate about helping you achieve your goals!

Do you have any female trainers?

We do not have female trainers currently. However, if you are currently training with a female trainer and wish to use our facilities, give us a call so that we can work out arrangements.

What are your peak hours?

Our peak hours are from 7 AM - 10 AM in the morning and 5 PM - 9 PM in the evenings. But since we have a huge space, you always get your own space and privacy.

How many people can you accommodate in every hour?


Do you have separate timings for women?

We do not have separate timings for men and women. However, if you prefer working out alone, you can work out during non-peak hours, between 5 AM-7 AM, 10 AM-5 PM and 9-10 PM. However, since we have a huge indoor and outdoor fitness area, you can comfortably work out in privacy at any time.

Do you offer group classes?

We offer group classes for Yoga, Strength & Conditioning, Zumba and Kickboxing. Our timetable is coming soon!

What other facilities do you have?

We have a steam room & shower with individual lockers, separate for men and women

This is my first time working out. Can I work out as a beginner?

We welcome people of all ages and experience levels. If you need help in working out, our Personal Trainers can help with structuring and guiding you during your workouts.